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Company Introduction

Company Introduction

manufactures the quality-based products with the proven materials.

acquired the dental ceramics division from Alphadent Corporation,

which has been producing dental ceramics
for over 20 yearsand developed biomedical materials for domestic production.

We not only engage in domestic businesses but also export to more than 20 countries worldwide,

such as India, Mexico, Egypt, and other countries. From purchasing raw materials to the final stage of production.

we focus on quality control that is based on our excellent technological capacity and capabilities.

Alphadent International logo

Our products take pride in being entitled with "made in Korea" label, based on the superior quality.

We have acquired Korean GMP certification as a manufacturer and domestic sales.

Also CE certification and ISO 13485: 2016 for overseas exports.

In order to manufacture the best-quality products,

we continuously strive to improve through governmental support projects and strengthen quality competitiveness of our products.

We are also currently in process to develop and launch new product pipe-lines.



Quality control

- Consistent and optimized quality management system
- Productivity improvements through continuous equipment optimization



Create value

- With continuous management innovation and new business promotions, we are in process to develop a Ceramic 3D printer that utilizes AI technology.



Customer satisfaction

-Providing consistent quality products
-100% On-time delivery of products

Chairman Message

We sincerely welcome everyone who visits the Alphadent International homepage.
We, Alphadent International, aim to improve the health of the people by manufacturing excellent dental materials, under the management philosophy of improving the quality of human life and contributing to the development of humankind with value creation and continuous innovation.

We develop biomedical materials focused on dental ceramics, and offer them to more than 20 countries such as India, Mexico, and Egypt. Acquired KGMP, which is Korean quality control standard for domestic medical device manufacturing and sales and quality control, and in addition, CE, ISO 13485: 2016, which is a European certification for overseas export based on an international standard quality management system.

Also, Alphadent International was designated as a promising small and medium enterprise for export by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. We are participating in numerous international exhibitions and trying to expand our global presence and competitiveness.

We will endlessly devote our efforts to continue to tread our path as a pioneer toward the world and the future.
Thank you.

Kyung Woo, Song
AlphadentInternational Co., Ltd.


  • 2021

    Exporting over 20 countries including India, Egypt, Mexico, Turkey,
    Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Vietnam

  • 2020


    Medical device product approval of dental ceramic/porcelain products
    (Document No. 20-4694, Document No. 20-4695)


    Designation as the Promising Small and Medium Exporter
    Acquirement of KGMP (Zirconia blocks Manufacturer) certificate


    KGMP certification renewal

  • 2019


    ISO 13485, CE certification renewal


    Acquirement of Venture company certificate

  • 2018


    Approved by EU(CE), ISO 13485


    Acquirement of KGMP certificate


    Establishment of AlphadentInternational Co., Ltd.


  • F101-10, 333, Cheomdangwagi-ro,
    Buk-gu, Gwangju, Republic of Korea